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Vaisala, Inc.

Vaisala is global leader in environmental and industrial measurements. Building on over 80 years of experience. Vaisala provides observations for a better world. We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. 

Vaisala wants to be involved in establishing a sound foundation for environmental observations and advance safety of people and property as well as productivity of our customers. Accordingly, the main purpose of most of our products is to contribute to these ends. Our industrial products and solutions provide our customers with means of improving their operational performance, and our weather our weather measurement systems increase safety and predictability in weather critical operations. 

In Vaisala, we minimize negative environmental impacts by improving efficiency of our product portfolio, business operations, and supply chain in a systematic way. The foundation of Vaisala’s environmental management is shaped by two principal themes: climate change and scarcity of resources. Environmental aspects review and impact assessments are carried out regularly as part of the environmental management system. Our key environmental aspects have been determined as energy consumption, waste treatment, water consumption, and indirect emissions, such as those arising from sourced components, business travel, logistics, energy consumption during product use, and disposal at its end of life cycle. 

We believe in a future where societies are powered by renewable energy. Vaisala is a member of RE100, a global initiative, which encourages the world’s most influential companies to make a 100% renewable energy commitment with clear timeframe for reaching that goal.  To minimize our own impact on climate, we are committed to using 100% renewable electricity in our facilities by 2020. After years of improving energy efficiency of our operations, this commitment was a natural step for us towards even more environmentally conscious operations. Although our manufacturing sites both in Finland and in the United States already product clean energy by operating their own solar arrays, we still need to purchase most of our electricity from local energy companies. 

During 2017, 91% of the electricity we consumed came from renewable energy sources, mostly wind power.  At the year-end, 94% of our electricity consumption came from renewable sources.  Actions towards the 100% renewable electricity goal have already reduced our emissions that relate to electricity consumption (Scope 2, Market Based) by more than 85% or 5,587 metric tons of CO2e compared to the 2014 baseline. The location Based Scope 2 emission were 4,544 t CO2e in 2017.