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UTC Aerospace Systems Landing Systems Carbon
Member since 2008

UTC Aerospace Systems (formerly Goodrich Corporation) has been providing high quality, reliable, cost-effective braking systems to the world's airlines for more than 65years. What makes a leader? Over 65 years and well over 500 million brake landings does. That's UTC Aerospace Systems, a leader in aircraft landing systems. Leadership follows performance and performance is in the hands of our experienced workers worldwide. We have the right people who respond to customers' needs with extraordinary service and innovative solutions.
UTC Aerospace Systems, Landing Systems, manufactures steel and carbon brakes which are certified on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In fact, we have taken the leadership role and introduced two innovative breakthroughs to the Carbon Brake market. DURACARB® carbon material extends brake wear life reducing raw material and energy consumption. EDL® is an innovative disk configuration that reduces the number of disks replaced during brake servicing. This results in less consumption and less scrap. Additionally, UTC Aerospace Systems employs a refurbishment process which allows for the re-use of brake disks that are returned from field service.
From our technical representatives in the field, to our manufacturing personnel, to those who deliver the final product, UTC Aerospace Systems is committed to achieving excellence not only regarding our customer expectations but also in meeting and exceeding our own rigorous requirements for continually improving our environmental performance.  
Past Achievements
  • We recycle over 2.6 million pounds per year of acrylic fiber, carbon dust, activated carbon, scrap carbon disks and other items to provide new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. In addition to providing carbon for the manufacture of steel (to replace the coal used as a raw material) textile fibers, oil, metals and paper are also recycled.
  • We implemented faster, more efficient carbonization and carbon vapor deposition processes that have reduced the consumption of gas and electricity per pound of carbon produced. 
  • Through the implementation of new technology; criteria and hazardous air pollutants have been substantially reduced (by as much as 75% in some cases). Ammonia has been reduced significantly in 2017 due to the installation of more efficient thermal oxidizers.
  • Despite managing a complex chemical process and approximately 350,000 square feet of plant area; UTC Aerospace Systems remains a small quantity generator of hazardous waste.
  • We reduced the generation of green house gases by over 3,300 Metric Tonnes despite increasing production. 
  • We reduced water consumption by 13.6 million gallons in 2017 vs. 2016 consumption furnace loading optimization and thermal oxidizer idling when not in use reducing quench water consumption and natural gas consumption.
  • We fund and participate in key community projects including:
    • Erosion control and trail building at the Pueblo Mountain Park 
    • The construction of a Browse and Education Garden at the Pueblo Zoo.
2018 Commitments
  • Continue reduced consumption of gas, electricity and water.
  • Implement a process that allows for the reduction of hazardous waste through volume reduction.
  • As always, UTC Aerospace Systems will continue to act in partnership with other organizations to provide information and resources to leverage environmental improvements in our community and with our business partners. We will also engage in mentoring of students in a wide variety of fields to foster these principles in future generations.