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Unique Litho
Member since 2009

Unique Litho, Inc. is a company powered by a sense of service, community, and accountability. Our vision is committed to our clients, environment, and our community. Our services include Graphic Design, Printing, Web Development, and Mailing Services.

  • Over the past year, we have been successful at diverting 147.45 tons of material out of landfills.  This is 15.74 tons more than we recycled last year!
  • Since becoming ISO 9001 certified in November 2016, we have noticed the benefits of documenting and tracking everything. We have been able to find holes in our procedures that lead to waste and errors, and fill those holes with creative ideas and success! We would like to work towards getting ISO 14001 certified to ensure we are following our self set procedures and to continue our sustainable improvement.
  • Besides being HUGE recyclers, we like to see our products get "Reused". The hazardous waste we generate is reused in fuel blending for cement kills. We have also found a great company called Printreleaf. This company helps to track our paper consumption. They then turn that consumption into an actual number of trees that are re-planted. Seeing the full circle of Use, Recycle, Reuse is what keeps the drive alive and our continued improvement to Sustainability.