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Qualtek Manufacturing
Colorado Springs
Member since 2016
Former Silver Partner

Qualtek aims to lead the resurgence of advanced manufacturing by outpacing industry in quality measurement, on-time delivery, process control, environmental impact reduction, and socially responsible business practices.       
  • In August 2014, Qualtek re-coated 37,004 square feet of the metal roof with ASTEC #900 Ceramic Re-Ply “Cool Roof” that saves 17,258 kWh every year.
  • With a Technical Energy Audit funded by a $25,000 GEO Grant, we completed a total lighting retrofit saving over 100,000 kWh every year.
  • From 2011 to date, Qualtek has diverted 135,756 gallons of water from our heat treat exchange/cooling processes to be re-used on our metal finishing line as rinse water.