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Mackintosh Academy

Mackintosh Academy Littleton is more than a school, it's a learning philosophy. We are an independent IB World School serving gifted and creative children across the Front Range. Eve Mackintosh founded Mackintosh Academy in 1977 to "nurture the seed of unique genius in every child." 

Mackintosh understands that children thrive on solving important real-life problems, not just engaging in textbook learning. We deliver a curriculum based on holistic, well-rounded educational programs that develop the social, emotional, physical, and creative needs of children along with their academic needs. Since 2006, Mackintosh Academy Littleton has been an authorized International Baccalaureate® (IB) School, aligned with the International Baccalaureate program’s mission, "to create a better world through education."
In the past few years, Mackintosh Academy Littleton has established itself as a "Smart Village" that actively practices environmentalism, sustainability, and green initiatives. As our school mission states, "Mackintosh Academy nurtures the keen minds and compassionate hearts of the gifted child in a responsive and caring community of learners. Our students mature into confident, healthy human beings inspired to contribute to a world that needs them."
All Mackintosh Academy Littleton students participate in a variety of green activities to create a more energy efficient and environmentally sound campus and community.
  • In 2014, our sixth graders applied for and were awarded a grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board for $96,000 to install solar panels on all campus building roofs. The students stipulated in their application that any energy bill savings (approximately $3,000) would be earmarked for tuition assistance. Since that time the school administration and our Board of Trustees have established a Solar Scholars Fund that supports three to five students each year.
  • Our greenhouse, built in 2013, and used by all grades, is an integral part of our Smart Village initiatives. It provides our students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in studying and
  • implementing crop production, comparing different growing techniques, and developing entrepreneurial strategies to market their homegrown produce. In January 2017, Mackintosh Littleton was awarded a grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation to purchase and install a state-of-the-art hydroponics system to enhance our production of organic vegetables. The process of installing and learning the intricacies of growing plants hydroponically greatly enhanced our environmental initiatives during the 2017-18 school year.
  • Each year the entire campus participates in a "Conserve Energy Day" to determine ways that we can reduce energy consumption while school is in session. The students’ analyses have resulted in taking energy-saving actions such as turning off classroom lights and using natural light, not using or unplugging microwaves or other energy devices ("energy vampires") during the day, turning off the A/C, and not charging laptops at school. Students, faculty, and staff continue these practices daily to further reduce overall energy consumption on campus.
  • As part of our Zero Waste Initiative, the Mackintosh Academy Littleton community actively reuses, repurposes, and recycles materials including glass, school supplies, lunch packaging, and any materials that can be used for Maker Space projects. All campus members participate daily in waste reduction activities, including using reusable plates and utensils, composting food remains, recycling foodpackaging, and recycling glass. To date, Mackintosh Academy has recycled approximately 10,000 pounds of glass which otherwise would have ended up in a landill.
  • Students adopted a local park (Ridgeview Park) in Littleton for cleanup of debris, trash and removalof invasive weeds.
These are just a few examples of many Smart Village initiatives that we undertake at Mack. All members of our community, from the youngest students to parents to staff, are empowered to create these initiatives and put them into action.