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Extraction Oil & Gas
Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc., founded in 2012, is a Denver‐based domestic energy company which focuses on the exploration and production of oil and gas reserves. We have an experienced technical team with decades of combined experience in horizontal drilling and completions operations. Extraction’s commitment is to safe and responsible operations in the Denver‐Julesburg area.

Extraction employs a growth strategy that includes developing resources in semi‐urban and urban areas outside of Denver. Because of that operational position, we are known for being one of the most technologically advanced and innovative operators in the areas where we operate, and amongst our peers. Extraction has ingrained the values of creativity, innovation and efficiency into the core of its culture. Some examples that reflect those core values are listed below:
  • We pioneered the use of an electric drilling rig in Colorado, greatly reducing noise and exhaust associated with traditional rigs powered by diesel‐fueled generators.
  • We partnered with Liberty Oilfield Services to develop a dual fuel “Quiet Fleet” which reduces sound associated with the well‐completion process by two‐thirds. This innovation has received recognition from regulators and operators across the nation as a game‐changer for the industry.
  • We regularly implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) wherever possible. For example, the Broomfield Development Plan is built around facilities that are so air‐tight, we do not expect them to require Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) air permits.
  • We uses Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) that ensure emissions are captured from storage facilities.
  • We installs Lease Automatic Custody Transfer units, or LACT units, which collect oil from tanks in a closed loop system that eliminates air emissions from truck loading.
  • We work closely with local communities and regulators by creating infographics and presentations, short videos, 3D models and more to creatively and efficiently demonstrate complex processes and concepts.
  • We regularly exceed mandated regulations.
  • We are committed to plugging and abandoning old vertical wells when possible.
  • We are moving toward utilizing tankless facilities where no oil is stored onsite, which will eliminate
  • thousands of truck trips.
  • We line wells with layers of steel and cement casing to ensure proper well construction and integrity.

The integrity of each well is double‐checked via pressure testing conducted prior to the completions process. Extraction also performs baseline sampling of ground water within a 0.5‐mile radius of our sites before and after operations.

These are just a few highlights of the steps we take to ensure the safety of our employees, the community and the environment.