ELP Bronze Achiever - Upcycle PalletFest

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PalletFest is THE leading and largest Upcycle event in the country.  In 2014 and 2015 PalletFest had a combined 13,000 people in attendance! It was declared Denver's First Certifiably Green Event and attendees came out for the opportunity to explore a whole new world utilizing Upcycled materials including everything from a live pallet build-off, to a giant pallet maze, to upcycled vendors, to upcycled Parkour course, and MUCH more!
  • Most events are luck to recycle or divert 40-50% of their waste from landfills. PalletFest, in it's first year, diverted 98% of its waste including compost.
  • Of the 5,000 pallets used in the combined years almost ALL were either recycled back into reuse or turned into garden mulch.