ELP Bronze Achiever - Rocky Mountain Butterfly Consortium

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Rocky Mountain Butterfly Consortium/Butterfly Pavilion

Founded in July 1995, as the first stand-alone non-profit invertebrate zoo in the nation, Butterfly Pavilion is a 30,000 square foot facility situated on an 11-acre campus provided by the City of Westminster, Colorado. Butterfly Pavilion is primarily supported by admission fees, community support, and by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). 

Our mission is to foster an appreciation of invertebrates by educating the public about the need to protect and care for threatened habitats globally, while conducting research for solutions in invertebrate conservation. Butterfly Pavilion recognizes the importance of managing our natural resources today so we can ensure a wealth of biodiversity tomorrow. From caring for our residents within Butterfly Pavilion walls, to educating the public on the importance of protecting pollinators in our backyards and supporting fair trade around the world, our science, our conservation and educational efforts are far-reaching. Our educational programs connect our guests to this science and increase their understanding and appreciation of the world around them. 
Butterfly Pavilion is the world's only stand-alone invertebrate zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and our mission could end solely with the display of animals. Butterfly Pavilion expands our mission to positively impact our community and environment by bringing awareness to environmental issues in engaging, educational ways.

Resource Reduction - During 2017, our internal conservation efforts and zero-waste events, along with publicly placed and well-designed recycling and composting bins, resulted in:
  • Gallons Oil Conserved: 1012
  • Trees Saved: 102
  • Lbs. carbon equivalent of GHG emissions avoided: 22831
  • Gallons water saved: 32957
  • Truckloads of trash not created: 11
Educational Resource - Butterfly Pavilion actively participates in Growing Scientists: Sparking STEM in Early Childhood Program, which serves seven Title 1 elementary schools in Denver and Adams counties. Research and Conservation - In 2016 we launched the Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE) initiative. PACE is a global initiative led by Butterfly Pavilion to increase awareness of the importance of pollinators and promote habitat and species conservation. PACE programs include habitat restoration projects, education programs for adults and children, citizen science opportunities, and more.