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Noosa Yoghurt
Larimer County, CO
Noosa is an indulgent yoghurt unlike anything you've ever tasted. Farm-fresh whole milk, sweet local honey, and real fruit purees come together to create a velvety, sweet-meets-tart treat. Milk is the single most important ingredient in our yoghurt. Every drop we use from within 40 miles of the Noosa headquarters in Bellvue, Colorado. We personally know the dairy farmers, we know they treat their cows well, and because the milk is not shipped across the country, we know it's always fresh. 
Through The Pollinator Partnership, we're committed to the well-being of some of our smallest employees. Together we are working to protect and expand honey bee habitat. We've partnered with Beeyond the Hive, a 4th generation honey farm in Elizabeth, Colorado to be our sole supplier of honey.
At Noosa, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency by reducing energy use and driver miles as well as decreasing water usage and waste.
  • Noosa has repurposed and recycled 432,870 pounds of cardboard and materials YTD through May.
  • Noosa has upgraded to LED lighting for a savings of approximately 173,852 kWh/year.
  • In 2016 we decreased our water usage per pound of yoghurt produced by over 60%.
  • We created innovative employee incentives programs decreasing imperfect batches of yoghurt and therefore waste.
  • We design and build our new construction using environmentally friendly practices and materials.
  • From locally sourced milk and honey to highly optimized yoghurt delivery, we constantly strive for greater transportation efficiency.