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Momentum Recycling
Momentum Recycling has been recycling glass at our plant in Broomfield since February of 2017.
We partner with four fabulous Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in the Denver metro area - Alpine, Bestway, Boulder County and Waste Management. When you place your glass into the single stream bin, often times the glass is broken into small pieces and that glass is mixed with other bits of fiber, plastics and the like. Our state of the art glass recycling facility is able to separate the glass from those contaminants, we can sort the glass by size and by color, and the end result is a fantastic, furnace ready glass cullet that is ready to be made into a new bottle. 
We are so fortunate to have not one, but two bottle manufacturers right in our own backyard - Owens Illinois in Windsor and Rocky Mountain Bottle Company in Wheatridge. The glass cullet that Momentum Recycling sends to these two local bottle manufacturers will become a new bottle within a week or two. The glass that you place in your single stream bin at home could be the same glass in the bottle of beer you are enjoying not even a month later. How cool is that?
We also have the capability to recycle plate glass at Momentum Recycling. That includes window glass, tempered glass, glass table tops, you name it! If you know of a company that is currently paying to landfill their glass, please let them know that they can recycle that waste glass with Momentum Recycling for free. 
We are Momentum Recycling and we are the solution for single stream glass recycling in Colorado.