ELP Bronze Achiever - Green Earth Brewing


Green Earth Brewing

Green Earth Brewing operates a 5-barrel brewhouse and taproom in Greeley, Colorado. The brewhouse is a single-vessel or “brew in bag” design, which uses a kettle and a mash basket, foregoing the need for separate mash tun, later tun, and kettle. Green Earth does not operate a restaurant. Green Earth fills kegs and growlers, and does not can or bottle.
Our energy reduction efforts include:
  • Single-vessel brewhouse reduces cleaning demands, the need for pumps and piping, and possibly retains heat better than a tradition multi-vessel brewhouse.
  • Heat exchanger for heat recovery from wort, sometimes used for next brew.
  • Conversion to LED lighting throughout facility; T8 fluorescent lighting for outside patio.
  • Periodic manual power reduction and powering off to save electricity.
  • Eliminate frost in walk-in evaporator by powering down unit, to maintain efficiency.
  • Window covering on front window for added insulation.
  • Fairly efficient radiant space heating.

Our water reduction and conservation efforts include:

  • Manual clean-in-place (CIP) method for cleaning.
  • Reuse of HX water either in brewing or for cleaning.
  • Rinse water resuse; sanitizer reuse with growlers.
  • Retain and reuse chiller water.
  • Low-flow toilets installed in restrooms.
Our waste reduction efforts in place include:
  • We recycle common recyclables like glass, paper, and plastic, but doesn’t have public-facing recycling bins.
  • Spent grains are sent to a local high school for use in their agricultural program to feed livestock.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products in place of more toxic alternatives.
  • Extensive use of used and reclaimed tables, chairs, and building materials throughout the taproom and seating area.