ELP Bronze Achiever - City of Fort Collins

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City of Fort Collins Sustainability Services Area - Environmental Services Department
Fort Collins

The Environmental Services Department (ESD), part of the Sustainability Services Area, works collaboratively to support the environmental, social and economic health of the community.  We lead the City organization in environmental stewardship with special emphasis on climate action, air quality, and the road to zero waste. Leading by example, ESD develops internal and external policies, engages and partners with others, provides education, outreach and technical expertise, facilitates innovation, and promotes sustainability of the City organization.  
Through the City's Fugitive Dust Ordinance, ESD has:
  • Trained 85 contractors best management practices for fugitive dust
  • Conducted the first presentation on best management practices for fugitive dust to local university students
  • Required additional best management practices beyond state compliance
  • Resolved 50 dust complaints through training and outreach from 2016 - 2017