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Energy Resource Center
Colorado Springs, Denver, Alamosa
The Energy Resource Center (ERC) is a non-profit organization with offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Alamosa. We serve 16,043 square miles across 13 counties. Since 1979, we’ve helped thousands of Colorado families keep their homes comfortable, safe, and energy efficient.

We offer free services for income-qualified households, and paid services for businesses and households from other tax brackets. Our mission is to help families and organizations from all tax brackets make energy upgrades that increase quality of life while reducing monthly utility bills. On average the work done by ERC can lower utility bills by 25%.  

ERC’s energy assessments and upgrades protect families from risks associated with Colorado winters, such as exposure to dangerously low temperatures and carbon monoxide poisoning. Even more importantly, the work we do help lower the utility bills for our clients. 

ERC is invested in the work and the people we are helping to improve the lives of, while creating a more energy efficient way of life. We help reduce the energy burden for families. We do not pay utility bills -- we help to lower them.