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Since 1993, Avery Brewing Co has been committed  to producing eccentric ales and lagers, while also fearlessly pursuing the improvement of our environment. Through  partnerships in the community, fundraising  efforts, and continuous upgrades to our process and equipment, we take steps to minimize our environmental impact every day.
1. An ongoing partnership with the City of Boulder's Wastewater Treatment Facility to provide weak wort (a brewing by-product) to the facility in order to reduce the nitrogen compounds found in the communities wastewater. This partnership allows us to reduce our water emissions, while also supporting our community's wastewater treatment process. This is one step in our overall strategy to reduce water consumption and all consequential emissions.
2. Partnership with dozens of environmental non-profits over the years to provide donations and sponsorships. Such as American Rivers, Access Fund, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Volunteer Outdoor Colorado.
3. Adjustment of our production processes and techniques, in addition to improvements to our production scheduling technology to impact our water, energy, and waste output  efficiencies.
4. Continuous partnership with Eco-Cycle in Boulder to improve the process in which we divert  recycling and compostables away from the landfill. We collaborate with Eco-Cycle to improve the recycling of specific waste material  produced  within our facility. Plastic film and other waste plastics are now sorted  separately out of single stream at our location and picked up separately improving the contamination rates found in the single stream process.