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Aqua Sierra

Established in 1989, Aqua Sierra Inc. has embraced the role as the industry leader in fisheries and water quality management. As a full service design/build firm staffed by biologists and engineers, we are committed to resource specific solutions rooted in science. We strive to manage the physical, chemical, and biological elements to create healthy and sustainable aquatic systems.
  • We have worked with high school students educating them on fisheries techniques and biology by taking them out in the field during electrofishing surveys. We also complete fish salvage projects, most recently with the City of Broomfield, in which we collect fish from ponds being drained and bring them to local Raptor recovery programs so the fish can be fed to the birds instead of being wasted.
  • Our Senior Biologist, Kendra Holmes, is the president of the Colorado Aquaculture Association and sits on the State of Colorado's Fish Health Board. Among other purposes, these organizations are designed to safeguard the aquatic environment from physical and biological harm caused by invasive species, irresponsible practices, and the ever-changing landscape of pathogens in fisheries. Other employees are encouraged to attend these meetings and get involved in environmental issues that are sometimes outside of our direct line of work.
  • We are diligent about recycling all office and household items, as well as recycling all possible scrap pieces/parts. A significant amount of cardboard and packing material is recycled as we are in a relatively rural location and much of our equipment and products are shipped to the office.