Early stakeholder engagement

Join in early stakeholder engagement
The department asks for stakeholder participation and input for all new rules and potential rule changes promulgated by the executive director or by our rulemaking boards and commissions. State law requires agencies to establish a representative group of participants when considering to adopt or modify new and existing rules.
Become a stakeholder
The department will review and consider the following items in 2020:
Contact the staff member or board or commission indicated to join a stakeholder process that interests you. For rules not listed on either document, contact the division or program representative listed for more information.
Stakeholder contacts for divisions and programs
Air Pollution Control Division:  Dena Wojtach, dena.wojtach@state.co.us
Center for Health and Environmental Data:  Chris Wells, chris.wells@state.co.us
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division:  Diana Herrero, diana.herrero@state.co.us
Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability:  Cary Ruble, cary.ruble@state.co.us
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division:  Randy Perila, randy.perila@state.co.us (solid and hazardous waste), James Jarvis, james.jarvis@state.co.us (radiation)
Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division:  Alexandra Haas, alexandra.haas@state.co.us
Laboratory Services Division:  Emily Travanty, emily.travanty@state.co.us
Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response:  Dane Matthew, dane.matthew@state.co.us
Office of Health Equity:  Web Brown, web.brown@state.co.us
Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement:  Deborah Monaghan, deborah.monaghan@state.co.us
Prevention Services Division:  Alicia Haywood, alicia.haywood@state.co.us
Water Quality Control Division:  Trisha Oeth, trisha.oeth@state.co.us