Drive cycles

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the next inspection
If you received an “Incomplete Inspection Report,” it may be because:
  1. Your On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system is “Not Ready.” 
  2. Your OBD system had problems communicating with the station’s test equipment.
OBD monitors must be set to “Ready” before getting an inspection. Readiness monitors are set by a procedure known as a Drive Cycle. Many vehicle manufacturers include Drive Cycle procedures in owner’s manuals. In many cases, a few days of normal city and highway driving will complete the Drive Cycle and set the required monitors to “Ready.” Many repair technicians can verify that the required readiness monitors are set to “Ready.”
The following list gives manufacturer-specific information for Drive Cycle procedures.
NOTE: You must follow posted speed limits, traffic laws, and road conditions when performing these Drive Cycle procedures.
These procedures are not guaranteed to work for all vehicles. Please contact your vehicle maker for specific drive-cycle and other information about your vehicle.
We operate several Emissions Technical Centers which can also provide assistance: