Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability topics

Our self-certification program, plus other safety information and resources
Find out how to properly dispose of unused or expired medications.
Tell us about problems with campgrounds, public accommodations and gathering areas, and get information about artificial tanning.
Sanitation standards, regulations, guidance
Information about the program, how to apply, past awards
Find the latest recalls of foods, drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical devices sold in Colorado.
See the regulations for restaurants, grocery stores and milk/dairy.
Wholesale and retail food, milk/dairy, the Colorado Cottage Foods Act, foodborne illnesses, fish consumption
General information, regulations, resources, forms
Learn about the dangers of mercury contamination in the home and the environment, and how to dispose of mercury.
Learn about grants, rebates and other incentives to increase recycling.
Information and instructions to submit toxic release and Tier II information required under the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
Information about the Small Business Assistance Program, and ombudsman
Information about the SEP program and what it means for Colorado