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Inequity Fact Sheets
Differences in health status between groups are called health disparities. But when differences in health status are systemic, avoidable and unjust we understand these differences to be health inequities. And because these differences are systemic, avoidable and unjust it's critical to frame the data by providing relevant context and background. These fact sheets examine health inequities across racial and ethnic groups in Colorado to help us better understand the structural factors impacting the health of our communities.

Root Causes Fact Sheets
Health is more than just healthcare or genes — it’s our ability to afford child care, support our youth, take part in work development opportunities, and so on. When we collaborate across sectors, share data and perspectives, and prioritize equitable approaches, we are better positioned to address these inequities effectively and affordably. These fact sheets provide a snapshot of inequities across sectors and what we can do, together, to build healthy communities.