Clinic Quality Improvement for Population Health

The Clinic Quality Improvement for Population Health (CQI) initiative supports implementation of evidence-based interventions for cancer screening and chronic disease management among safety-net primary care health systems.
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This initiative engages with health systems to assess current performance on select health measures, increase capacity to monitor performance, identify public health focus areas, and implement targeted evidence-based interventions proven to improve health outcomes for selected focus area.
Initiative areas of focus and associated measures:
  • Colorectal cancer screening (NQF 0034).
  • Breast cancer screening (NQF 0031/2372).
  • Cervical cancer screening (NQF 0032).
  • Tobacco screening with cessation intervention (NQF 0028).
  • Hypertension control (NQF 0018).
  • Uncontrolled diabetes (NQF 0059).
Programs funding the initiative:
  • Chronic Disease and School Health Grant.
  • Colorectal Cancer Control Program.
  • Women’s Wellness Connection.
  • Amendment 35 Tobacco Tax.