Cottage Foods - Selling

There are restrictions on how and where you can sell your Cottage Foods product(s).
  • Product(s) must be delivered directly from producer to an informed end consumer and cannot be resold.
  • Product(s) cannot be sold to restaurants or grocery stores.
  • Product(s) may only be sold in Colorado. 
  • At the point of sale, clearly display a placard, sign or card with the following disclaimer: "This product was produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection. This product is not intended for resale."

What is a designated representative?
A designated representative, is a representative of the cottage food producer who is knowledgeable about the product and able to answer general consumer questions about the product.

What is an informed end consumer?
An informed consumer, is a consumer who has been provided with general product information including the product name, address where the food was prepared, current telephone number or email address of the producer, date the food was produced, ingredients, and a disclaimer that the food was prepared in a home kitchen not subject to licensure or inspection and that it may contain common food allergens. An end consumer is the person who purchases and consumes the product.

Can a producer sell their Cottage Foods product(s) at multiple locations and events, even if they occur on the same day and at the same time?
Yes. A producer or their designated representative can sell and deliver the product directly to an informed end consumer.

Can Cottage Foods be sold on the Internet?
Yes, internet sales are allowed.  The mechanism of direct product delivery can be determined between the producer and the informed end consumer as long as it does not involve interstate commerce.

Can I make my cottage foods for a catered event?
No. The Cottage Foods Act requires that product be sold by the producer or their designated representative directly to the informed end consumer. 
Can a retail food establishment (restaurant, mobile unit, grocery store, etc.) sell Cottage Foods?
No. Since these products are not from a licensed, inspected and regulated facility, they are not considered approved sources and therefore not allowed for sale in these types of establishments.

Can Cottage Foods be sold out of a store front or via consignment?
The law requires that Cottage Foods be sold directly to an informed end consumer from the producer or their designated representative. The store and its employees would need to function as the designated representative.