Cottage Foods - Packaging and Labeling

Do Cottage Foods have to be packaged and labeled?
Yes. All Cottage Foods should be packaged and labeled with specific information including an exact disclaimer prior to selling them directly to the informed consumer.
Can Cottage Foods be labeled as "allergen­ free"?
No. All Cottage Food products must be labeled with a disclaimer stating that they were produced in a home kitchen without regulatory oversight and may also contain common allergens.

Can Cottage Foods be labeled as "organic"?
Cottage Foods labeled as "organic" have to be certified by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - National Organic Program accredited certification agency. A producer may list an ingredient as "organic" without obtaining certification as long as the term "organic" is not on the primary label.
Contact the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Plants Division for additional information.
Product label templates
For templates to print labels, see Printable Resources.