Cottage Foods - Ingredients

Can pumpkin, sweet potato, and zucchini be used as ingredients for baked goods?
Yes. Pumpkin, sweet potato and zucchini breads can be sold under the Act. Pumpkin or sweet potato pies are not allowed because they require refrigeration to maintain product integrity and safety.

Can whole fresh peppers be used to make pepper jelly?
No. Whole fresh peppers cannot be used to make fruit preserves, jam, or jelly. However, dried spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper, etc. are allowed to be used to make these products.

Can alcohol/ liquor be used as an ingredient or flavoring in baked goods or confections?
Yes. If used, it must be listed as an ingredient. It is also recommended to add language to the label that states "This product contains alcohol".

Can baked goods contain meat?
No. Baked goods that contain meat such as bacon are not allowed to be sold under the law.

Can raw agricultural commodities such as honey, vegetables, and fruits from a local farmer or bee keeper be used to prepare cottage foods ?
Yes. Fruits and vegetables with minimal post-harvest processing to remove dirt, debris or dead leaves, and unprocessed honey can be used to make cottage food products.

Is flour considered a raw agricultural commodity?
No. The grain used to make the flour would be considered a raw agricultural product.

Can hemp seeds be used as an ingredjent in baked goods?
There are certain criteria that hemp seeds need to meet in order to be used in food. Contact us for additional information.