Cottage Foods Act

We're currently working through a stakeholder process regarding cottage foods, where you can find more information on the proposed changes to the Act.
The act was initially implemented to allow producers to sell a limited range of goods that are considered non potentially hazardous and that don't require refrigeration to maintain product safety.  Two bills were passed during the 2015 legislative session that modified provisions of the Cottage Foods Act. Specifically, SB15-085 increased the net revenues a producer can earn from eligible products from $5,000 to $10,000 per year and modified the definition of producer.  HB15-1102 expanded the list of eligible foods to include pickled vegetables with a pH value of 4.6 or below. This bill requires rules and regulations to be developed by the State Board of Health. The division will be working with identified stakeholders to develop these rules until such time the production of pickled products is not allowed. 
Bills and acts for Cottage Foods:

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Note: due the recent amendments to the Act, we're working on updating the documents below. Check back with us soon!