COR400000 Stormwater Discharge

WQCD Annual Billing July 2020
               List of COR400000 Active Certifications in the CEOS system
The general permit for stormwater discharges associated with construction activity (COR400000) has been issued.
Construction Stormwater Permittees - Welcome to CEOS letter.
Certifications have been issued and are available in the electronic records drawer.
Please use the Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) to apply for new permits, modify or terminate existing permits and change permit contacts.
As you complete a modification application to remove acreage you are required to attach some additional information. Here is the link to the modification supplement form.
CEOS Help Guide (Condensed version).
CEOS Help Guide (Full version).
CEOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
CEOS Permit Actions (Guide).
CEOS Stormwater RO FAQ update (RO FAQ).
CEOS tutorial for owner, operator, and preparer (Tutorial).
For additional CEOS support, please contact us at:
CEOS Phone: 303-691-7919
Permits Phone: 303-692-3517
Information on qualifying local programs for Durango, Golden, and Lakewood
The following is information for permitting of small construction activities located in one of the listed cities.  If the total disturbed area is under 5 acres and is not part of a larger common plan of development of 5 acres or more, please inquire with the applicable city regarding obtaining permit coverage without submitting an application to the Water Quality Control Division.
Training sessions on changes to the renewal permit
Compliance training files
*Note - due to the length of this training, the video and captions are being processed for viewing.
The video will be available to view online when processing is complete. It can be downloaded immediately.
Historical documents 
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