Colorado Violent Death Reporting System

About the System
The Colorado Violent Death Reporting System (CoVDRS) collects information on violent deaths that have occurred in Colorado from a variety of data sources, including death certificates, coroner/medical examiner reports, and law enforcement investigations. The purpose of the data is to provide a more complete understanding of when, where, and how violent deaths occur. CoVDRS captures enhanced information on the following manners of death:
  • Suicide.
  • Homicide.
  • Unintentional firearm.
  • Legal Intervention. 
  • Undetermined deaths that may be violent in nature.
​The Colorado Violent Death Reporting System is part of the larger National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS), which is funded through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are currently 42 states and territories, funded to collect data for the NVDRS.  More information on the NVDRS is available at:
The goal for the data of the CoVDRS is to provide information to help public health officials, violence prevention groups, policy makers, law enforcement, and community stakeholders to better understand the problems and guide local action plans for prevention. This data can be found in multiple forms:
Our Colorado Suicide Data Dashboard is an interactive data tool using Colorado Violent Death Reporting System data to examine suicide deaths in residents of Colorado. This tool is designed to help inform suicide prevention efforts at any level, and allows you to look at specific counties and regions of interest. For expanded information on the functionality and data, refer to the Colorado Suicide Data Dashboard Guide: Data Definitions and Functionality.


Regional reports
To view a regional report, click on a region. Then click on "Regional Report" in the panel that appears.

For inquiries about the system or for data requests contact: