Colorado Regulation No. 8 Part B - Asbestos rule revision

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Narrow Emergency Rulemaking

At the emergency rulemaking hearing on October 16, 2019, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted revisions to Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B, which clarified the requirements for single-family residential dwellings. Therefore, as of October 17, 2019, single-family residential dwellings are once again subject to all applicable asbestos requirements under Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B. This includes inspection, permitting and abatement requirements.

Narrow Rulemaking

The Emergency rule adopted on October 16, 2019, will only remain in effect for 120 days. Therefore, at the October 16, 2019, hearing the AQCC also set a rulemaking hearing in January 2020 in order to make the emergency rule revisions permanent. The narrow rulemaking set for January 16, 2020 will follow the normal process and interested parties may petition the AQCC to become a party. Please see the Notice of Rulemaking and Reg. 8, Part B: Emergency Hearing and Request for Rulemaking documents. 
On October 28, 2019 from 3:30 p.m-5:30 p.m., the Division will hold an informational stakeholder meeting to discuss the narrow Rulemaking Hearing. The October 28th agenda will address the scope of the limited proposed revisions to Regulation No.8, Part B and the process for the full rulemaking. The meeting location is in the Sabin/Cleere rooms (Building A, 1st floor) at the main CDPHE Campus located at 4300 Cherry Creek South Drive in Denver. Public parking is available throughout the campus. You may also attend through Adobe Connect using the following link: Adobe Connect Reg 8
Link to slides from the October stakeholder meeting including the current language that this rulemaking proposes to make permanent.
For more information, please check the AQCC website and continue to check this webpage for updates throughout the process.

Ongoing Process to Review and Revise Regulation 8, Part B 

The Indoor Environment Program (IEP) of the Division will continue its process to review and revise Colorado Regulation No.8, Part B on a broader basis. However, due to the emergency and narrow rulemakings, the Division will need to push out the broader rulemaking. Therefore, please continue to check this webpage for the new details on the stakeholder process, the rescheduled dates for the stakeholder meetings and the rescheduled date for both the Request for Hearing and Rulemaking Hearing. 

Written comments

The Division will continue to take written comments and work with stakeholders through all of the processes. Submit comments or questions on rulemaking efforts with the subject line: "Regulation No. 8 - Asbestos Revision Comments" to: 

Mailing list

Register at APCD Mailing List to be part of the stakeholder process and receive updates for all upcoming activities. Please continue to visit this page as it will be updated throughout the process. 

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