Colorado Health Service Corps site visits

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A Primary Care Office staff member will conduct a 30-minute site visit with you in person during the first year of your Colorado Health Service Corps loan repayment contract and by phone during the third year of your contract. All information and data shared at your site visit is completely anonymous and is used for recruitment and retention evaluation efforts.

Preparing for a site visit

  • Expect to be contacted by a Primary Care Office staff member to schedule your site visit.
  • Complete the pre-site visit survey sent to you by a Primary Care Office staff member prior to your site visit.

Why we conduct site visits

  • To ensure that you are meeting the terms of your Colorado Health Service Corps loan repayment contract.
  • It is part of an effort to evaluate impacts on patient access, to determine best practices for recruiting and retaining providers in medically underserved areas through loan repayment, and to measure the impact of loan repayment on sites and communities.
  • It is an opportunity for you to ask questions, voice concerns, and to identify technical assistance needs.