Systems change: Clinicwide use plan

This process has four elements:
  1. Plan:
        a. Step 1.
        b. Step 2.
        c. Step 3.
        d. Step 4.
  2. Do.
        a. Step 1.
        b. Step 2.
  3. Study.
  4. Act.
The community clinic has completed the first three phases of the PDSA cycle and is ready for the “act” phase. The intervention has been chosen, tested and adjusted according to the “study” phase. After completion of the first three phases, the intervention is ready for clinic-wide use. 
To ensure smooth implementation, the entire PDSA cycle needs to be reviewed with all those involved in clinic-wide implementation. 
Plan to “study” again
Work with the key players of the “do” phase to determine when and how to review data again.