Clean water: Nutrients

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Status - nutrient control regulations
In October 2017 the Water Quality Control Commission will consider changes to both nutrients regulations (85, 31) in a formal rulemaking hearing.  

Regulation 85 nutrient monitoring.
The regulation includes a continuous monitoring requirement for waste water dischargers; annual report due by April 15.

In June 2012, the  Water Quality Control Commission adopted nutrient regulatory provisions composed of two major components - effluent limits, along with monitoring requirements (Regulation 85) and numeric values to protect classified uses of state waters (Regulation 31). Provisions are being adopted in phases. By 2022, effluent limits will be in the permits of approximately 100 existing domestic facilities and numeric standards will be adopted upstream of existing dischargers. 

Preliminary analysis of  data from 2013 and 2014 shows that the Reg. 85 monitoring requirements provid useful information to determine the appropriate long-term nutrient control strategy for Colorado. 
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