Clean water: GIS maps

Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) GIS data
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This tool is used to extract, organize, and analyze data and information.
Organized by watershed HUC codes:
  • HUC12. 
  • HUC10.
  • HUC8.
You can view:  
  • Geospatial characteristics.
  • Water quantity.
  • Water quality.
CLEAN Nutrient Dashboard Tools -  Interactive map
For watershed managers to review possibilities for implementing nutrient requirements from Regulation 85 - Nutrients Management Control Regulation. (Low flow, Reg. 85, storet, stream segments, fish tissue).
Found an error?
If you you’ve found an error in the data of the water quality standards, please contact us with these details:
  • GEOID of the segment.
  • Cycle year of the segment.
  • WBID of the segment.
  • Potential correction.

​All corrections will be reflected on the next integrated report cycle.