Clean water fee structure discussion

On March 21, 2017, the clean water fee bill, HB17-1285: Refinance Water Pollution Control Program was introduced. It is currently being heard by the Colorado General Assembly and committees. This bill represents the discussion and proposal created by stakeholders and the department to address the clean water program fees.

The bill overview including a list of supporting organizations can be found here
Setting fees for the clean water program was a three phase process. Phase I, was the in-depth 2014 process. Phase II focused on data collection and included the passage of HB15-1249. Phase III focused on the CDPHE fee proposal due to the legislature November 1, 2016. This last phase focused on HB 16-1413 which directed the division to work with stakeholders on policy decisions for fee increases. Policy decisions were provided to the Joint Budget Committee with the November budget proposal. 
Phase III Meeting Information 
Meeting Three - August 4, 2016 
Meeting Two - meeting and feedback information 
Correspondence received - CACI (06/30/16).
Meeting One - meeting and feedback information
WQCD fee structure changes
Documents from the 2014 Phase I fee structure discussion