CIIS data requests

Research requests

When doing legitimate research on the treatment, control, investigation and prevention of diseases and conditions dangerous to public health, researcher or specifically authorized persons may need to obtain potentially identifying data from confidential records held by the Colorado Immunization Information SystemWe may provide access to potentially identifying information if specific conditions are met. If you’re conducting research and wish to request data from the immunization registry, please review and complete the CIIS Data Use Agreement.

HEDIS requests

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is used by more than 90 percent of America's health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service, including the delivery of vaccines. We can provide HEDIS matches for health plans if they have a signed Letter of Agreement and submit data to CIIS on at least a monthly basis. If you’re working for a health plan interested in a HEDIS match, please follow the steps included in the HEDIS Data Request Process document.