Child Fatality Prevention System data and information

The Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System (CFPS) is a multidisciplinary, multiagency team that makes prevention recommendations based on child fatality data in Colorado.

Child Fatality Review (CFR) teams conduct systematic, comprehensive, multidisciplinary reviews of all preventable childhood deaths to better understand how and why children die.
  • Using a public health approach, the teams examine the trends and patterns of child deaths to make population-based recommendations to prevent future deaths and improve the health and safety of children.
  • This public health review process is different from Department of Human Services child fatality reviews, which focus only on child abuse and neglect cases known to the county human services system.
Each year, Colorado sees nearly 700 fatalities among children under 18.
  • Of these, about half are the result of natural causes among infants that occur in the first 28 days of life.
  • These neonatal deaths don’t have clear preventability and therefore aren’t generally included in the CFR process.
  • Death certificates are reviewed for the remaining 350 child fatalities each year to determine deaths that have clear preventability, resulting in comprehensive, multidisciplinary reviews conducted by the CFPS State Review Team on about 200 preventable child fatalities per year.
The following causes of child fatality are reviewed:
  • Undetermined causes.
  • Unintentional injury (e.g., drowning, falls, fires).
  • Violence (e.g., homicide, any firearm death).
  • Motor vehicle incidents.
  • Child abuse and neglect.
  • Sudden unexpected infant death (SUID). 
  • Suicide.

Legislative reports
A valuable data resource available to Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System partners. The dashboard provides counts, rates, and circumstance data on the leading causes and circumstances of death for all jurisdictions across Colorado and summarizes some of the most frequently requested data available from CFPS. 

Data reports

More information
For more information on the Child Fatality Prevention System, visit the CFPS blog site.