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As part of our effort to comply with federal electronic reporting rules, the permits section of the Water Quality Control Division has developed a new platform called the Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) to handle a variety of environmental reporting requirements for the department.
Dewatering Permittees - Welcome to CEOS letter.
CEOS Help Guide (Condensed version).
CEOS Help Guide (Full version).
CEOS Permit Actions (Guide).
CEOS is used to manage new applications, modifications, change of contact, transfer of ownership, withdraws and permit terminations for the following general permits:
  • COG070000 - Construction dewatering.
  • COG315000 - Remediation activities discharging to surface water.
  • COG316000 - Remediation activities discharging to ground water.
As you complete a new application you are required to attach some additional information. Here is the link to the Supplemental FormIf you need to complete a dewatering termination supplemental form, please click here Termination Supplement.
If you have questions about how to complete the applications please review the Guidance on how to complete application.
For additional CEOS support, please contact us at:
CEOS Phone: 303-691-7919
Permits Phone: 303-692-3517
Copies of general permits and fact sheets:
If you need to complete an application for a COG603000 series permit please click on this link:  COG603000 - subterranean dewatering.
Limited waivers may be available.