CCWP Program

New exam process and fees
New regulatory training requirement
  • Starting March 1, 2019, you must meet a new regulatory training requirement for certification.  This applies to:
    • new applicants for Colorado certification,
    • applicants for Colorado certification by reciprocity and 
    • operators wishing to renew their certificates or sit for an exam. 
  • ​Applications without the regulatory training course will be incomplete.
  • ​You must complete an approved regulatory course to meet this requirement.
      • ​The above link will take you to a spreadsheet with 4 separate tabs at the bottom identified by calendar years.
      • The spreadsheet identifies courses that have been approved to meet the regulatory training requirement, along with contact information for the course providers.
        • ​Most 2019 courses are future occurrences.
        • The 2016, 2017 and 2018 lists show past occurrences of courses approved to meet the requirement.
          • ​These will only benefit renewal applicants who took one of the courses during the three-year life of their certificates.
    • Several Water Quality Management courses offered at Red Rocks Community College and Pikes Peak Community College include regulatory training components that may be used to meet the requirement.
    • Each completion of an approved regulatory course is valid for 3 years.
    • A single course may be applied to multiple certificates if it was approved for all the certificate categories.
Continuing education (training units)