CCWP Portal - Upload TU certificates for catalog courses

Request training units for catalog courses
  • Select the TUs & Credits navigation on the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Request Catalog TUs button (icon with finger pointing up).
  • Enter the course number from your course completion certificate.
    • If the number is not on the course completion certificate, you can look up the course number using the Advanced Search feature.
  • Click on the blue Request TUs button on the right hand side of the row for your course.
  • Choose the course occurrence. There is a radio button that must be filled even if there is only one occurrence of your course.
    • ​If your course was not a classroom event, you may need to enter the date your course was completed and select the instructor's name.  This information should be on your course completion certificate.
  • ​Upload your course completion certificate.  This is a required upload.
  • Enter the number of training units you were awarded. 
    • Most of this information will come from your course completion certificate.
    • You must enter a value into every TU category filed. If you did not receive any TUs for a particular category, enter a zero.
    • The Max TUs field must be filled out, and it must be greater than or equal to each of your other requested values.
      • ​​The Max TUs available for full course completion represents the TU value for the total time you spent in the course.  For example, if you completed a 6-hour course, your Max TUs is 0.6.
    • In some cases, the number of training units you were awarded will be less than the number of TUs available for the course. This could happen because you left the training early or because the training you participated in was a shortened version of the full course.
  • ​Click on the blue Request button.
    • ​A box should appear asking if you are sure you want to request the TUs. If you are sure, click OK.
    • Another box should appear indicating that you successfully submitted the TU request.  Click OK.

View your training unit credits

  • Select the TUs & Credits naviation on the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the TU Credits button (icon with person reading a book).
    • ​The table at the top right hand side of the screen shows your total training units, broken out by category.
      • ​Core TUs represent training units that can be used to meet the required 50% credit for each specific certificate category.
      • Flex TUs represent supplemental training units.
    • ​The table at the bottom of the screen shows the individual courses in your TU Library.
      • ​This table will quickly fill multiple pages. Use the navigation in the bottom right hand corner to view all courses.
  • ​​Select the Regulatory Credits tab to view your TUs relative to meeting the regulatory training requirement.
    • ​Courses marked with green check marks meet the regulatory requirement.