CCWP Portal - Troubleshooting problems with log in

My problem is:
  • I don't know my operator ID.
    • Your operator ID is on your operator card.
    • You can look up your operator ID using the operator look up function. Cross reference with the expiration date of your operator certificate.
  • I don't have an email address, or my email address has changed, or my email address isn't working.
    • Make sure you have a unique email address. This is necessary.
      • ​If you have been sharing a work email address with other employees, you need to get your own unique email address.
      • You can sign up for a free email address with Google.
    • ​After you have your own email address, go to the CCWP Portal log in page.
    • Enter the following as your one-time username:  operator.[your operator ID number]
    • Use your operator ID # as your temporary password.
    • After you verify your certificate information, enter your email address into your profile.  You must enter your email address into your profile for it to work as your log in the next time you access the portal.