CCWP - Certificate renewal

Eligibility criteria
  • Operator must hold a current Colorado operator certificate or, for restoration of an expired certificate, a Colorado operator certificate that expired no more than two years from the expiration date.
  • Operator must meet Colorado's lawful presence requirement and the regulatory training requirement.
  • Operator must meet the relevant training units requirements:
    • ​For class D, class 1 or class T certificates    1.2 training units
    • For class C, class 2 or class S certificates     1.8 training units
    • For class B or class 3 certificates                 2.4 training units
    • For class A or class 4 certificates                 3.0 training units
  • ​At least 50% of the training units for certificate renewal must be for courses approved for credit in the specific certificate category being renewed. 
Searchable catalog of approved training unit courses
Application process 
  • ​Log in to the CCWP Portal.
    • ​User ID will be your unique email address.
    • Temporary password will be your operator ID number.
  • Request catalog training units and upload course completion certificates as necessary.
  • Apply for certificate renewal using the link to the right of the certificate you wish to renew on your home page (dashboard).
  • Applications will be reviewed within approximately 10 business days to confirm eligibility. Reviewer will
    • ​approve renewal;
    • request additional information; or
    • deny the application.
  • ​An email will be sent to the operator with notification of reviewer's decision.