Colorado Coroners Standards and Training Board

This board establishes and maintains standards for coroner education, training and certification in Colorado.
Newly elected or appointed coroner
The board has defined certified as completing an approved Medicolegal Death Investigation course, observing ten death investigations conducted by a certified death investigator and attending five autopsies performed by a Board-certified pathologist.
Newly elected or appointed coroner must submit the log within one year of election or appointment. CCA documentation may be used if you have been a CCA-certified death investigator for 4 years or more.
Continuing education
Coroners are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education every year.  Fill out this form for each program attended. For a conference, you must attach the complete agenda with the sessions you attended circled or highlighted and indicate the total number of hours attended. If the training is provided by an entity other than those listed on the form, please attach the course outline or syllabus.
Marschall Smith