Submit a non-medical exemption or download a medical exemption form for school or child care required vaccines. 

Get a copy of your immunization record
How to get a copy of your record, opt out your immunization records from CIIS, rescind your opt-out request

Order immunization materials
For clinics and CIIS users only: Order CIIS materials, record and reminder cards.

Get vaccinated
Find vaccines available near you, including clinic locations, hours, contact information and directions.

Colorado Immunization Information System
Immunization records, CIIS users, contacts, data requests, electronic health records, policies and procedures, training

School immunizations
Download the form required for your child to attend a Colorado school, Notice of Immunization Requirement, in-process and exclusion letters, professional resources

Vaccines for Children
Find out if your child qualifies for free vaccines, enroll your clinic in the VFC program, forms and materials, VFC vaccine memos, contact information

Immunization schedules
Create a catch-up schedule for your child, child and adolescent schedules, resources for parents, adult schedules

Forms and resources
Forms, manuals, links to organizations and resources for the general public and health care professionals

Policy and Board of Health rules
Information about recent and ongoing immunization-related Board of Health rules and policy initiatives

Immunization education
Find out how vaccines work, what they do to our bodies and if they're safe.

International travel
Find a yellow fever vaccine provider in Colorado, and other resources for travelers and health care professionals.

Information on the Colorado Kindergarten School Immunization Survey, and influenza and pertussis data.