Chronic disease prevention

Seven of 10 deaths in Colorado can be attributed to chronic diseases: heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Costs for treating and managing chronic disease represent three-quarters of the nation’s rising health care expenditures. Despite the health and cost impacts of chronic disease, many Coloradans remain unaware of their risks. 
What can I do?
Healthy lifestyles and awareness are key to preventing chronic disease. Maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular physical activity, quitting smoking, and visiting your health care provider for regular screenings can help lower your risks for chronic disease. Follow the links below to find tips for preventing these specific diseases and information on how to get screened.
Cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, end-of-life care, state cancer prevention projects
CCPD grantee agencies, resources for grantees
Resources for preventing and managing diabetes
Prevent heart disease and stroke in your family by understanding the risks.
How you can combat obesity, Colorado obesity initiatives, obesity data and reports

  • CDPHE Chronic Disease State Plan 2018-2020.
  • VISION chronic disease data tool.
  • Other resources for organizations working to reduce the burden of chronic disease in Colorado.
Colorado’s coordinated chronic disease work
Find resources and funding for community groups, local public health agencies and health department grantees collaborating on chronic disease prevention.
Systems change toolkit for chronic disease prevention
A guide for local public health agencies working with community clinics to improve chronic disease prevention and screening.
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