Are you looking for WIC services? Here are some quick links:
The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a nutrition program that provides nutritious groceriesnutrition education, breastfeeding support and other services free of charge to Colorado families who qualify. WIC’s goal is to help keep pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under age 5 healthy. To do this, WIC provides: 
  • Personalized nutrition consultations.
  • Breastfeeding information, support and referrals.
  • Financial assistance for  free, healthy food to supplement what you already buy.
  • Referrals for medical and dental care, health insurance, child care, housing, lactation support and other services that can benefit the whole family.
  • Nutrition and health education on a variety of topics, including meal planning, maintaining a healthy weight, picky eaters, caring for a new baby, working and breastfeeding, and shopping on a budget. 
WIC is for all kinds of families: married and single parents, working or not working. If you're a father, mother, grandparent, foster parent or other legal guardian of a child under 5, you can apply for WIC. 
Businesses authorized to accept eWIC, for existing retailers and potential retailers, farmers
Funding opportunity for EBT system enhancements (WIC RFA)
Retail stores facing technology changes to their cash register systems due to eWIC can apply for financial assistance.
eWIC: Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
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Physicians, hospitals, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists
Agencies authorized and funded to provide resources and training for local agency staff
Civil rights