Food safety

We regulate, inspect and give technical guidance to major food industries in Colorado, and tell consumers about food, drug and cosmetic recalls. We also provide information about foodborne illnesses.
FDA Food Code transition
Information about our efforts to move toward the Food Code.
File a complaint against a restaurant, resources for health care providers, resources for public health professionals, data and statistics, contact information.
Food manufacturing and storage
Register as a manufactured food facility (including industrial Hemp), renew registrations, contacts and resources.
Food Safety for Gardens
Tips for schools, child care and long-term care facilities who utilize gardens as part of their operations.
Learn more about using hemp products in food.
Restaurants and grocery stores
Apply for a retail food establishment license, guidelines and resources.
Milk and dairy
Inspections, regulations, manuals, illnesses.
Food, drug and cosmetic recalls
Current and recent recalls, updated as new recalls are announced.
Colorado Cottage Foods Act
Food production in private kitchens or homes.
We and our partners monitor fish from more than 100 lakes and rivers in Colorado for the presence of contaminants.