Find health care and health insurance

Resources for finding health care providers and health insurance in your area

Prevention and wellness

Immunization, smoking and tobacco, obesity, suicide prevention, injury prevention, nutrition, nurturing families and communities, oral health, motor vehicle safety, chronic disease prevention


Personal and family health

WIC, babies, children, youth, men, women, sexual health


Healthy home and work

Oil and gas-related health concerns, workplace safety, medication disposal, radon, lead exposure, environmental public health tracking, site assessments, cancer cluster investigations, exposure

Diseases and conditions

Report a disease, diseases A-Z, Communicable Disease Manual, infectious disease guidelines

Food safety

Wholesale food; milk and dairy; restaurants and grocery stores; food, drug and cosmetic recalls; Colorado Cottage Foods Act; foodborne illness, fish consumption

Emergency care


Emergency medical services (EMS), EMS and trauma funding, EMS and trauma data, trauma services

Health facilities


Find and compare facilities; search resources by facility type; get licensed or certified; file a complaint; occurrences; policies, guidelines and publications; regulations; Qualified Medication Administration Personnel; emergency preparedness; health care associated infections

Promoting Interoperability of health records

How to participate, department declaration of readiness, summary of objectives, guidance for electronic laboratory reporting, Colorado Immunization Information System, syndromic surveillance, Cancer Registry