Waste management and recycling

Identification, management and disposal of RCRA hazardous waste, notification, self-certification, generator assistance, training, inspections and enforcement, permitting, guidance and policy, inspection and enforcement, non-residential electronics and computer waste, non-residential medical and pharmaceutical waste, lead, used oil, universal waste
Management and disposal of non-hazardous solid waste, landfills, transfer stations, composting, asbestos disposal, asbestos-contaminated soil, waste grease, tires and waste tires, lead, medical and pharmaceutical waste, paint stewardship, financial assurance, registration, guidance and policy, inspection and enforcement, permitting, outreach and training
Residential waste management
Residential recycling, household hazardous waste collection programs, preparing products to make them safer for disposal, residential medical and pharmaceutical waste, residential electronics and computer waste, wastes prohibited from landfill disposal
Recycling and beneficial use
Recycling, beneficial use, find a recycler, grants and incentives, registration, reporting 
Request to review site and facility files about solid waste, hazardous waste, radiation and environmental cleanup, Open Records Act policy