Oil and gas environmental requirements

Air emissions requirements for the oil and gas industry
The Water Quality Control Division issues stormwater discharge permits for oil and gas facilities.
The Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division administers hazardous and solid waste requirements affecting oil and gas facilities.
Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact
Notice to waste generator and treatment/disposal facilities regarding disposal and management of waste containing radioactive material from oil and gas operations
Reports, mandatory reporting rule, tailoring rule, public presentations, contact information
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Regulates the oil and gas drilling and production industry in Colorado
  • Issues permits for the drilling and operation of oil and gas wells.
  • Enforces rules and regulations for the spacing of wells, well bore construction  and well site reclamation.
  • Enforces rules for the abandonment of wells, and for the treatment and disposal of oil and gas exploration and production waste. 
  • The commission is required by law to consult with us in various instances pertaining to oil and gas operations.