Other boards and commissions

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This board reviews individual case findings of the 43 local and regional child fatality prevention review teams across Colorado and creates a report based on those findings to make specific recommendations regarding systemic trends across the state to prevent future child deaths. 
Forum between the Pueblo community and the Army to represent community interests and exchange information about
chemical weapons disposal
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Analyzes health care costs and makes policy recommendations to the Legislature and the governor for lowering health care costs in the state
This board establishes and maintains standards for coroner education, training and certification in Colorado.
Operates under the direction of our executive director and advises us about the appropriate scope of practice for EMS providers, including waivers to scope of practice and criteria for physicians to serve as EMS medical directors
Expert stakeholder group providing guidance on the direction of public health and medical emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts in Colorado
Advisethe governor during an emerging or ongoing public health threat
For consumers and providers of all licensed health care entities that discusses licensure issues raised by attendees
Provides oversight of legislatively mandated health-care-associated infections and reporting of those infections to help ensure accountability and protect health of patients in Colorado through education, validation of data, and review of reporting requirements and surveillance practices
Advises the Office of Health Equity, focusing on alignment, education and capacity building for state and local health programs and community-based organizations
Addresses local needs for medically accurate HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment
Discusses regulatory compliance issues with providers
Participate in the rulemaking process regulating hospitals
Provides guidance, scientific oversight and an unbiased review of medical marijuana research proposals for the Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program. 
Provides overall policy guidance, coordination and advice to department and other stakeholders on pollution prevention activities
Duties include providing technical advice to us on specific issues and reviewing regulatory changes proposed by Colorado's Radiation Program
Colorado has 11 RETACs authorized by statute to provide a coordinated approach to emergency medical and trauma care. Each RETAC consists of five or more counties that participate through a local advisory council, which is responsible for creating a regional implementation plan for delivering emergency medical and trauma care.
Panel of experts that reviews marijuana-related scientific studies and data with the intent of making public health recommendations to inform and protect consumers of marijuana and the general public
Monitors effectiveness of the Colorado's Air Quality Small Business Assistance Program
A council of 25 governor-appointed members and seven non-voting (ex-officio) members representing the interests of citizens and emergency medical service providers
The ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Task Force is a 15-member governor-appointed board designed to research and make recommendations to improve STEMI systems of care across Colorado.
An 18-member governor-appointed board designed to research and make recommendations to improve stroke systems of care across Colorado.
Created in 2014 to serve as the interface between public and private sectors in establishing statewide suicide prevention priorities in Colorado that are data-driven and evidence-based. By focusing efforts on current resources and also expanding the network of partnerships across the state, the commission boosts the efforts of Colorado’s Office of Suicide Prevention and makes annual reports to the governor.
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