Breastfeeding-friendly child care professionals

Child care professionals with breastfeeding knowledge and supportive practices can increase the length of time babies are breastfed, leading to better health for moms and babies.
Breastfeeding in Child Care Toolkit
Toolkit resources
Toolkit training
Find a breastfeeding friendly child care professional.
Breastfeeding information for child care professionals
Handouts for families
Communicating with families
Baby behavior
Pumping breast milk, breast massage, hand expression
Starting solid foods
Breastfeeding posters
Breastfeeding toys and books
  • Toys and activities.
    • Nursing Nana (dog and puppies), Nursing Nuna (pig and piglets), Nursing Nina (cat and kittens) – Manhattan Toy.
    • Videos and Breastfeeding coloring books – Noodle Soup, Inc. and others.
  • Books.
    • My New Baby – by Rachel Fuller.
    • If My Mom Were a Platypus: Mammal Babies and Their Mothers – by Dia L. Michels.
    • Mama’s Milk – by Michael Elsohn Ross. (Available in Spanish.)
    • Supermom and The World is Full of Babies! – by Mick Manning.
    • What Baby Needs and Baby on the Way – by William Sears MD and Martha Sears RN.
    • We Like to Nurse – by Chia Martin.
    • Best Milk – by Kate Carothers.
Breastfeeding in the workplace
Policies, information, lactation space ideas, etc. for employers.
Additional breastfeeding training options
Additional resources



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