Asbestos certification and training

We require anyone performing asbestos-related activities in single-family residential dwellings, schools, and public and commercial buildings to be certified by Colorado. The state certification is in addition to required federal certification through a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved training course. 
To become certified by Colorado, you must:
  1. Submit the appropriate fee.
  2. Supply us your original training certificate from your EPA-approved training course. We can’t accept copies.
  3. Pass the appropriate state exam for the discipline in which you want to be certified.
After successfully completing the state exam, people seeking Air Monitoring Specialist, Worker or Supervisor certification will be issued an Asbestos Photo Identification Card.
Air Monitoring Specialists, Building Inspectors, Management Planners and Project Designers will receive a certificate.
Any company wishing to conduct abatement of friable asbestos-containing materials must become a General Abatement Contractor before starting any work. The General Abatement Contractor Certification application is available in downloadable format.
Certification and training forms 

Training courses and upcoming exam schedules